Contaminated Cryptid

Here you can purchase my bases! By purchasing a base by me, you are agreeing to my TOS
and my base specific rules!

Rules for my bases

-Credit me for the base when posting!
Toyhouse: Contaminated-cryptid
Deviantart: Contaminated-cryptid
Instagram: Contaminated_cryptid
Twitter: C_cryptid
-You may use for adopts!
-Do not take commissions with my bases, free art is fine but nothing paid!
-Do not share the files with others, if they want to download my bases they can do so through here!
-Do not repost my base anywhere unless you have purchased it and are posting the the finished edit!
-You can edit my bases as much as you want as long as my watermark remains.
-You may not use any of these bases for any commercial use, personal use only.

I’d love to see the results if you post them!