Sabrina B.

Welcome to my store! Here you will find contracts for planners, brand ambassadors, influencers, non- compete agreements and more. I've own my business for over 12 years and started my event rental company over 8 years ago. I'm also launching a new company providing luxury hair, lashes and my own beauty product line! I've worked with many different cultures and done many events. As a result I have learned a lot alone the way and I know the importance of having contracts in place. You are a business/brand therefore, you have to protect it all costs! Do yourself a favor and protect your business. Trust me, this is worth the investment!

I also have vendor lists available for those who are interested in verified vendors for hair, lashes, make-up, yoni and more. I have talked with these companies and have sampled many of their products. I’m not the average girl who will sell you just anything, I’m that woman who is here to help and have vetted these vendors. I have the conversations to prove it.

I wish you all much success! Sending positive vibes you're way!