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Alternative healing is an emerging field that supports the life process. 

- Yoga
- Homeopathy
- Ayurveda 
- Hypnosis 
- Therapy Massage
- Guided Imagery 
- Meditation 
- Aromatherapy 
- Crystal Therapy
- Herbal Medicines 
- Reiki 

It is relatively nontoxic and biocompatible treatment modality. 

Holistic health is a proposal to life.

Rather than concentrating on illness or particular parts of the body, the mentioned ancient methods for health acknowledges the whole person and how he or she communicates with his or her environment. 

It maintains the connection  of  mindbody, and spirit. The goal is to get best well-being, where  everything is performing the very best that is achievable. 

With holistic health  people acquire  responsibility  for  their  personal  level  of  health and everyday preferences are used to hold charge of one's personal  health. 

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