Don James Publishing

I'm a varied writer whose been writing excessively for over 10 years with one being published and one soon to be. I write fiction, non fiction, poetry, articles, web content and screenplays. I'm very detail oriented so I may write something and not be satisfied until after a ton of drafts and I tend to copywrite and proofread as I go that's why my books take awhile to release. Historney wise I have one published work in a collection type poetry book and my new one that's all my content is a poetry book that's darker toned and has other types of books information making it like being several types of books. I have many stories in the future and many subjects to write about because of the knowledge and experience of them. I like edge and not afraid to be edgy as sometimes I feel it connects with the reader. All my earnings from books will likely contain set amounts for charities such as Saint Jude among others, because I am a Christian and think if you are making it good you should pay it forward. I'll also often include sample pages like Amazon so you can at least read a little. Growing up doing retail most my life I also know it's others that make you a success and give you earnings so if a fan was ever to contact me, I'm one author/writer who will respond when I can because I legitimately care. Check back cause unlike big companies I release too my sites will often provide promos, discounted copies or prototype writing drafts about what stories could be coming next.