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Space Precinct Zero #2

The Precinct is under attack! Staff Sergeant Panabaker's Atlantic Squadron are massively outnumbered and outgunned!

Find out what happens in Part Two of this EPIC SCI-FI ADVENTURE!

Space Precinct Zero

The Space Corps is about to face a formidable foe. Follow officers Emay Reiziger, Lucas Karaner and more as they deal with the ensuing battle!

#1 and #2 now available in the shop!

Human Cargo

What happens when everything you expected out of life suddenly changes?

What happens when you’re given more responsibility than you ever imagined?

Meet The Janitor. He’s just been given command of a Star Ship with a very important mission: To save Mankind. But when the fate of a civilization rests on the shoulders of one man, how long before he starts to crack?

Coming Soon!

More projects to be added to shortly:

Tales of The Crimson Hood

The Sceptic Truth

The Bow Tie Chronicles

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