Right Path starts with Right View..!! Working in Bangkok as an interior designer. Trying to use suttas of Tathagata to solve problems in our everyday life such as learning other languages that Why it so difficult? Do we have to remember all these alphabets or grammar rules first then we can talk? even Why graduated person have to learn these kids words? How to Understand other Language in easy and Natural Way. This is why writing this book.:100 Words for Smile & More.. Happy Money:Light up your happy life, understand the nature of 'Happiness' & 'Money', know yourself through body and mind, discover the cause and effect of your bad and good behaviors. To control behaviors that will bring 'Happiness' & 'Money Freedom' to your life. Breath of Buddha:"Bhikkhus, if these three things were not found in the world, the Tathagata, the Arahant, the Perfectly Enlightened One would not arise in the world, and the Dhamma and discipline proclaimed by him would not shine in the world. What three? Birth, Old age, and Death. Why the Buddha words? For someone who is searching for Happiness, Peaceful of Mind or a Meaningful of life. Someone who may wonder about these questions: What is Buddhism? Who is the Buddha? How to understand Buddhism in the right way? Or What is essence of the Buddha's Teachings? And... This is maybe the book you are looking for.