Dan Williams Ministries

Dan Williams, Sr. is a Certified National Funding Consultant and President and CEO of Unlimited Funding International, Inc. where for over 10 years, he has assisted businesses, individuals and churches in the arrangement of financing for a wide range of financial services, including commercial loans for real estate and land projects, business loans, corporate financing, and Church building and expansion projects. Having also pastored a church for over 15 years, Dan is an anointed instructor of the Word of God with particular gifting to teach and instruct God's people about Kingdom life principles as they relate to finances and the economics of God. Dan is very passionate about educating people of God on the significance of financial excellence and the dynamics of financial prosperity according to biblical principles. His teaching, which transcends the traditional system of congregants giving of tithes and offerings, helps others to understand the root causes of financial lack in their lives, and teaches biblical stewardship which is designed to uncover and correct behaviors that may be causing adverse financial issues. Dan's Kingdom Financial Life Seminars provide clear instruction of biblical truths, facilitating transformation of lives, positioning God's people to experience the unlimited wealth of the Kingdom of God. For Booking Information or to schedule a Kingdom Financial Life Seminar in your church or ministry, call 407.854.6318 or 4-7.855.1839