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Goddess Journal Tracker - Elen, Horned Goddess of the Track


Goddess Journal Tracker - Oya, Lady of Storms


Goddess Journal Tracker - Sitt-aj-Jabana, Lady of Coffee


Goddess Journal Tracker - Chalchiuhtlicue, She Who Wears the Jade Skirt


Goddess Journal Tracker - Morgaine, She Who Walks Between the Worlds


Goddess Journal Tracker - Koliada, Creatrix of Winter Peace


Goddess Journal Tracker - Libitina, She Who Gives Liberation from Suffering


Goddess Journal Tracker - Lakshmi, She of Good Fortune and Divine Reality


Goddess Journal Tracker - Hecate, Goddess of Transformation


Goddess Journal Tracker - Persephone, Queen of the Underworld


Goddess Journal Tracker - Sibyl, Priestess of Prophecy


About Me

Kelli Cymraes Lincoln is an artist who has specialized in fiber arts for over twenty years, but has recently also begun watercoloring and creating mixed media.

She is influenced by folktales, ancient myths and Goddess stories, Buddhist philosophy and psychology, and the beautiful central coast of California. She especially enjoys combining these elements into magical, light-filled, and inspiring portrayals of the world around us. 

“I hope to evoke peaceful and delightful feelings with my artwork. When you support an independent, self-funded artist like me, you help to make the world a more creative, beautiful, and joyful place to be, for which I am so grateful. Thank you!”

All images, text, and the waldorf/river nile goddess design concept, are original to me and copyrighted, which means it would be illegal as well as unethical to copy them. Three-fold laws, harm none, and all of that. ;)