Dave Davidson

Since December 4th 2007 Dave Davidson has been photographing Iowa presidential politics, amassing nearly 1,000 political event galleries at Prezography.com. His first art show ever entitled, Prezography: ‘Shooting The President’ will be a mix of photojournalistic photography, historic time capsule displays, compelling abstract art remixes, and Dave’s custom text coupled brand of Quotophotos. Dave’s client list includes many GOP presidential candidates and conservative organizations that frequent or are located in Iowa. After shooting over 175 weddings, he sees the presidential candidate as the central figure to serve, tell a story about, and make look perfect. While his images have been used at various outlets, Dave is not the media your campaign manager warned you about. He is one of a kind voteraiser, with a six figure social media influence reach through the combined total of his social accounts. Dave is prolific… As an author Dave is more than halfway through his life goal to write 100 books. As songwriter hobbyist over the past 20 years Dave has recorded over 350 songs, all found at PoetTree.com. He is also a former youth pastor, missionary, and restaurant manager. Dave and his wife Joan, who have 8 children including 5 adopted, will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary in May 2106. They still do foster care. And since you’re wondering anyway… Dave is 6’5’’ tall.