David James

David James (Lee) was born on January 31, 1987 at the Royal Women's Hospital in Victoria, Australia. As a premature born baby, David's parents were told not to expect their son to survive. Against all odds, David broke through and was born into a family with a mother and father who helped to stem his interest in books from a very young age. David read most of his childhood away and gained a passion for the written word.

He attended Wanganui Park Secondary College in Shepparton during his final years of High School where he began working on his first novel (yet to be published).

At the age of 17, after graduating from High School, David took up a course in Freelance Journalism online through the Australian College of Journalism, and alongside his tutor, Simon Townsend (Simon Townsend's Wonder World) he was able to hone his skills and build his confidence.

When he was 18, David moved to Melbourne, Victoria and was given the opportunity to study further in photography, web design and journalism.

In 2011, David moved back to Shepparton and began a part time job as a Journalist at The Adviser newspaper. Before the next year he had secured his role full time as a Journalist with The Adviser and met his wife, Sara-Lyn.

Two years passed and David was offered the job of Editorial Manager of the newspaper and took the opportunity to build on his skills.

In 2015 he married Sara and that began what would be the beginning of his career as a published author.

In December of 2017, David and Sara welcomed their first born son, Sebastian, into the world. 6 months following the birth a storm blew through and the idea for a children's book came to David and he began to workshop the ideas.

On November 22, 2019 David had his first children's illustrated book published, Calm of the Storm, dedicated to his son, Sebastian.