Day Trader

About Author.


Hi I am Sombir Chahar from Gurgaon. I Born in Middle Class family. I had experience of 14 years in day trading. I started my intraday journey from 2005 . In my Initial days I was trading in Stocks. There were some good days and some bad days

But at the end of the every month I was in loss. Yet, I never gave up  . I always marked my mistakes.

 I tried every indicator, every possible thing which I can do.

I followed news channel and you tubers but results were all bad.


In 2008 I started finding my own trading ideas. Finally I got something which works for me that is price action.

But I was not comfortable to trade in stocks the reason behind was every day I need to search stock to trade.


In 2012 I started trading in Index future. That was the turning point for me. I started making money and day by day I improved my skills.


I minted good money with my price action strategy.