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Welcome to the world of Declutterbird®, where you can reset your nest.

Declutterbird® is run and owned by Catherine Hamilton-Cooper. Catherine is a professional declutterer and organiser. She lives in Northern Ireland with her family, and helps you bring calm and order to your home, a home that doesn't waste your time, energy and money due to clutter and disorganisation. A home that is easier to live in and maintain.

Declutterbird® recognises that we are all different, and decluttering is no exception. We have different decluttering styles. From beliefs and relationship with our belongings, our decluttering strengths, obstacles and challenges. Declutterbird has identified 6 main decluttering styles. They are symbolised by a different bird. No bird is 'better' than the other, as Declutterbird's ethos is to embrace our differences and use our strengths to overcome our challenges.

Let go of what weighs you down & fly with Declutterbird®!