Delonz Protech Inc.

My name is Antony Omondi. Am an online entrepreneur with utmost experience in generating superb ideas on earning incomes online. I started out way back in 2011 when I was scammed 380$ in total from buying "fixed matches tickets" to promoting products that I never made a sale. I was so heartbroken, though I never gave up. I turned to gambling and made it a hobby. I fucking lost like crap, it was not my portion. I came to my senses when I was almost driven out of my single crib by a rogue landlord for rent defaulting. 
It was in 2017 that I came across an idea that changed my life(we'll come to that later) 
I love traveling, watching movies, listening to music and browsing the internet.
Opportunities come once in a lifetime.
This is your chance to change your life.