Delyen Madula

            Delyen Madula is a consultant at Madula Rousseau Consulting, a consultancy firm that specializes in providing expert assistance to foreign or local organizations and/or individuals, doing business or planning to do business in the Philippines, in their new or existing Business documentation requirements, from business registration, to other related Corporate services, as well as policies related to the Philippines Data Privacy Act (DPA) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

            She is also an entrepreneur with businesses in IT, Construction, and in retail. She has a Pre-law academic degree of Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, and a Postgraduate academic degree of Bachelors of Law.

            She loves to write books about business and related laws, real life inspirational stories, and legal fiction. Her first book "How to start a business with no money" was inspired by her personal struggles in starting up her  businesses. She has more books underway, one is a legal fiction, another is a real life inspiring story, and a sequel to her first book.