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About Me

Denise Latham writes heartwarming novels that readers find difficult to put down and that pull on the heartstrings. Her writing of dialogue makes readers feel they are a part of the conversation and helps readers fall in love with the characters. With stories that both tell an important story and also have a hint of romance, her books appeal to readers of multiple genres.

As an Army wife (Ret.), Denise pulled on her own personal experiences to tackle the subject of PTSD and the difficulty soldiers can face when coming home from war and attempting to fit back into the life they left. Coming Home balances that difficult subject with a romance and the lighthearted, fun banter that will draw you in.

Denise lives in Plymouth, Massachusetts with her husband Tom, two sons Camden and Calum, and two dogs.

As an avid reader, Denise loves books that make her laugh, or fall in love with the characters - and hopes that's what you'll do with her books!