Desert Storm Books

These are stories about the Marines of Delta Company, 3D LAI (a proud component of the vaunted Wolfpack) and the progression leading up to the Battle of Observation Post 4, then later the Invasion into Kuwait and the victory that ensued.

This was a time when Patriotism flourished and became a part of every household in America. It was a magic time as the Marines and the United States Armed Forces brought home a victory for the World after driving the tyrannical Saddam Hussain and his forces from Kuwait.

I’ve incorporated rare audios of Marines talking and combat sounds during actual firefights and POW encounters. View the vast array of color photos taken of these Marines and their war machines during the months prior, during and after Desert Storm.

Included in the book Cleared Hot – Revisited are the only recordings of Dion Stevenson, one of the Marines lost on Red 2 at the battle of OP4, as he and Mikey Flores perform songs of the times together. Audios at Camp Two allow readers/listeners to live amongst the Marines. Historic sounds of first-generation LAV-25s can be heard as Marines tackle training missions and gun range exercises; pushing the 275hp turbo-charged Detroit Diesels to red-line! Become a part of Delta Company as they face off with 80 Iraqi main battle tanks at the historic Battle of Observation Post 4.

Included in the book 100 Hours to Destiny readers hear actual POWs speaking to interpreters while being detained. This one of a kind story embeds you with the courageous Marines of Delta Company during Desert Storm. Despite overwhelming odds stacked against these Marines and a dark prediction of 80% causality rate going in, this story tells of an unexpected victory. Delta Company was honored to be the Tip of the Spear for the 1st Marine Division and Task Force Ripper, successfully carrying out the mission. Strap yourself in the LAV and prepare to annihilate Saddam’s military defenses as the Marines charge across Kuwait in a 100-hour vicious offensive.

Monte L Witcher, a Delta Company Marine, gives his personal first-hand account of what he saw from start to finish during this time period. Monte’s audios and play-by-play descriptions and conversations with fellow Marines lets you experience the life of a Marine.

A portion of the proceeds from these books will benefit the 3rd LAI-LAR Battalion Association – The Wolfpack. Get more information about the Wolfpack Association at