Design Your Life

Dr. Ira D. Roach III has been pinned by many as the “Motivator to the Masses” with his many years of experience as a spiritual leader speaking to audiences in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He is an award-winning actor, Amazon international bestselling author, certified trainer, speaker and coach. He holds a passion for helping people with tips & tools to change the quality of their lives in the religious arena and self-help industry. He specializes in “Getting Unstuck” (mindset mastery training), Leadership and Personal development, Workforce/job readiness training, team building and “What’s Your Story?” (Story development, Writing a book). He holds a Bachelor’s in counseling, Master’s in Christian Education and Doctorate in Christian Education and Organizational Leadership & Development.

Ira is currently an actor in the award-winning web series, Church Folk Secrets, and after taking the advice of his mentors and coach, he hosts a weekly online show entitled, “Journey 2 Success.” This show highlights entrepreneurs, business professionals, thought leaders, artists and aspiring dreamers.

Ira saw his parents divorced at age 4 and developed a mentality of blame and guilt, “it’s my fault.” Years of carrying around unnecessary quilt led him down a journey of brokenness, depression, low self-esteem and most of all a poverty-stricken (small) mindset. Years of being stuck and not knowing how to get “unstuck,” his life from 26-40 years old had lows. His low self-confidence affected relationships, creativity and he finally struck his version of rock bottom. He was divorced after 14 years, faced public humiliation and three failed attempts of being an entrepreneur. His breakthrough came after he enlisted the help of a counselor and discovered his “breakthrough” when he realized that he was carrying around guilt that was not his burden to bear. 2017 changed his life and he understood what his gift was to the world. 75% of Americans are dissatisfied with their lives because of being stuck in a rut. Ira hopes to add value and help millions of people who don’t know where to start. He has adopted a popular saying that his mentor gave him and it’s “from small town to big stage!”