I am a South African born, ambiguous, proud father of two. I resigned after serving my country proudly, to prove to my wife that losing one's job means nothing unless you allow it to mean something. I used my retirement money to study web development, a quiet childhood passion I never had a chance to masture in the military. I also started my venture in the property industry, as I saw this as a very lucrative industry. Only after my exposure to the stock market has my success grow in ways far beyond my wildest dreams. With the completion of my Web Developement course, I foresee endless possibilities for my entrepreneurial career, and for humanity as a whole. I believe that technology integrated with what is already in existence, will bring forth a future that might give us a glimpse of what my God has waiting for us. We just need to remember that we aren't gods, we are men, walking in the image of God. For He created us that way.