Divination Circle

Elena is a 4th generation Psychic Reader and Writer who works as Editor for the website http://www.DivinationCircle.info. She has been interested in Tarot and divination methods since she was 14 yr. old as an amatuer first and then professionaly as a Tarot psychic reader since 1979. She is also very involved in the New Age movement and energy healing. Elena's psychic abilities have been clear throughout her life. As an adolescent youngster, she saw "auras" around individuals and with her Aunt's help (a very famous psychic reader and energy healer), Elena figured out how to give interpretation and meanings to those colors. As she grew up, her family helped her understand and work with her psychic abilities. Today after 30+ years of psychic reading services rendered she has semi-retired from the spotlights and lives in a small community in a country area where she enjoys taking long walks with her two dogs. She has a nice home with a cozy enclosed patio overlooking a small pretty backyard where she gets all the inspiration for her e-Books. Elena is now interested in divulging the Divination and New Age thoughts. By doing this she feels that it is accomplishing the karma of her life.