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Keep Going - A Viva Survivors Anthology
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Viva Survivors is a daily blog of viva help for PGRs. Since April 2017, Dr Nathan Ryder has published a new post every day with the aim of helping PhD candidates feel ready for their viva. To celebrate five years of daily blogging, Nathan has collected his favourite writing from almost 1800 posts and created Keep Going - A Viva Survivors Anthology.

Keep Going collects posts about viva expectations, viva prep and examiners, as well as:
  • reflections on the PhD journey and confidence;
  • practical steps for getting ready for the viva;
  • thoughts on what it really means to survive the viva.
Over 150 posts from five years of writing, carefully curated and edited to be a valuable guide for every postgraduate researcher with a viva in their future.
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About Me

I'm really passionate about helping PGRs become PhDs. I work for myself and wear many hats, but mostly I'm known for supporting postgraduate researchers through workshops, webinars and writing the Viva Survivors daily blog.

Keep Going - A Viva Survivors Anthology


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