Dr. Troy N. Watson/ Life Quest Health & Wellness, LLC

Dr. Troy Reconnects women with the basics of who they are to Repair where it hurts and Regain the confidence again to trust the dating process, so they can begin to attract the Real love they want in their lives. She holds a Doctorate in Biblical Psychology and is a Licensed Professional Christian Therapist. She is the founder and CEO of Life Quest Health & Wellness, and the author of Dating 101: Back to Basics A Guide for Women. She has the knowledge and life experience to help you through the lows and pitfalls of life while you navigate the rough road of dating. She has guided many women past the hurt to walk in their power and begin to received the Real love they desire. Let Dr. Troy assist you in achieving a balance of Mind, Body and Spirit that will free you from the pain of yesterday's failed relationships and position you for the Love of tomorrow so you too can walk into your power to the next level in God's plan for your life.