Dr. Vesna Grubacevic

Dr. Vesna Grubacevic, author of Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence, is a Performance Transformation Expert®, founder of the award-winning company Qt, and an internationally recognised and Certified NLP & Hypnotherapy Trainer, Master Practitioner, and Clinical Hypnotherapist. She also holds a PhD and a Bachelor of Economics. Dr. Vesna extensively contributes articles and media commentary and is a sought-after, passionate and innovative speaker and creator of breakthrough behavioural change techniques. Having had many challenges with lack of confidence in her personal and professional life, Dr. Vesna has been through her own personal transformation journey, growing from decades of being bullied to becoming a confident and successful business owner. She now inspires others to stop sabotaging their confidence and success and to realise their potential. She founded Qt in 2000, driven by her vision of creating an empowered society. Since then, she has run numerous NLP/Hypnotherapy certification trainings, and has also worked with thousands of individuals and professionals to transform their personal and professional success, as well as assisting businesses to transform their individual, team, and leadership performance and business culture. This book is aimed at reaching many more people and empowering the lives of readers and those around them.