Karla M Scipio Dreamz Oasis

Karla M. Scipio RN, BSN, MPH-is the CEO and Founder of Dreamz Oasis Consulting LLC.  She earned her BSN from Drexel University and her master’s in public health from Walden University. She has served as a healthy lifestyle activist and advocate in both the community and clinical settings for over 30 years.  Ms. Scipio is well known for collaborating and partnering with local, state and federal organizations to provide seminars, health fairs, forums and conference for young college age women. She has successfully put her nursing experience, public health training and life experiences to great use by creating a social enterprise organization that uses a holistic approach to solve critical issues woman face daily.  It is her passion to educate, equip and empower others to achieve their dreams despite the obstacles life sends their way. For the past fifteen years she has been responsible for assessing, planning and implementing numerous educational activities.   Her organization provides a range of services and workshops that helps individuals address different dimensions of themselves and help them start and develop sustainable businesses.