Dynamis Dai

Dynamis Dai (aka Chef “Sauserous”) began her career journey in holistic health in 2001 after the birth of her first daughter. The inspiration that came from motherhood caused her to take health and wellness more seriously than ever before. Through proper guidance and diet changes she healed herself of hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue and acne. She found this way of eating slows down the aging process, keeps the body free from disease, brings more energy and clearer thoughts as well as enhances connection to spirit. Today, Dynamis Dai is a Holistic Entrepreneur. She is a Private Plant Based/Vegan Chef, Holistic Health Guide as well as an energy healer with training in reflexology, rain drop therapy and reiki. It is her passion and mission to inspire and guide others toward an optimum state of well being through a plant based diet and holistic lifestyle. With her incredibly delicious and nutritious plant based dishes, and knowledge of health, she is helping individuals take their health into their own hands while assisting the shift of consciousness surrounding the way we eat. Please feel free to contact Dynamis Dai with any questions or to schedule events, private chef services, holistic health consultations and personal guidance at: eattothrive@live.com