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I, Cassandra


The Lost Valor of Love


The Call of Eternity


The Rise of the Goddess


The Lost Letters: The Dark World of Narcissistic Abuse


About E A

E A Carter is a multiple award-winning, Amazon #1 bestselling author of epic alternate historical fiction, sci-fi, and high fantasy love stories.

Her newest release I, Cassandra came out August 26, 2021, a sci-fi drenched in the dystopian atmospheres of Blade Runner, Ex Machina, and Elysium. She is a prisoner who can alter reality. He is a dead soldier brought back to life as a sentient machine. A forbidden love affair transcends time, the end of the world, and what it means to be human. Winner, Honorable Mention in the 2021 Writer's Digest Self Published e-Book Awards.

Her debut non-fiction release of her true story of survival, hope and healing, The Lost Letters: The Dark World of Narcissistic Abuse came out Feb 14, 2021. In Oct 2021, it was Shortlisted in the International Page Turner Awards, won Highly Commended for Non-Fiction and received a PR campaign from Palamedes PR in London.

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E A Carter grew up in the Canadian countryside, the daughter of a reverend of modest means, with only her bicycle, her cat, and her imagination to occupy her.

Ever since she could talk she has been crafting stories. She writes of the complexities of love and mortality against evocative backdrops and seeks to test the perceived limits of love, death, and time.

In her debut series Transcendence, passion, war, treachery, and a love even more powerful than death awaits. It begins with the multiple award-winning historical epic The Lost Valor of Love, continues with The Call of Eternity whose passages between worlds are based on collaboration with a physicist at CERN and finishes with cosmic stakes in The Rise of the Goddess.

The premise for the series came to her during a stay in Luxor, Egypt when she dreamed of an empire-crossing, forbidden love affair which transpired during the New Kingdom period. As she woke to the sun rising over the Nile and three thousand years slammed back into her senses, she heard these words: Tell the story. Do not let it die.

It took five years of research across four countries to put together all the missing pieces of the puzzle. When she discovered the man she had dreamed of was a real historical person, including his position in Ramesses II's court, she sensed she had embarked on the story of a lifetime.

After sixteen years of research and writing, the transcendent love affair she dreamed of at last, lives again.