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No Time? 10 No-prep ESL Activities, Warm-ups and Energizers
Sometimes I don’t have time or energy to print extra resources or activities.Some days, like today, the printer in my office runs out of ink, the printer in the common area is jammed and while two colleagues are trying to repair it, I quietly leave t...
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Business English Vocabulary Card Game | Forbidden Words
Forbidden Words is a game card activity based on Taboo. The aim of the game is to explain given words, but without those words that you would most likely use because those are taboo – that means, you can’t use them. The simplicity of this game a...
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Fluent English: Effective Tips on How To Speak Fluently
One of the most common struggles of every English learner is the struggle to speak fluent English. We all strive to speak confidently and naturally and fluency plays a major role in achieving this. Many times learners of English even prefer fluency t...
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