Canadian Electronic Health Information System

Do you want your own private practice but feel overwhelmed at knowing where to start? Do you want the freedom to run your own life, utilizing your education and the tools of your training? The mission of E-HIS is to help Allied Health Professionals to pursue their dream practice! E-HIS will help you set up and manage your own business! And we are going to do it with a simple app that runs on your computer or phone! Are you holding yourself back? A balanced successful life is not just for the few - it's for you too. It is about getting up every day and achieving fulfillment from your life and your work. It is your intentional decisions that will lead to the fulfillment of your dreams; to your success. Private Income will not only pay the bills, but will give you peace of mind and new opportunities that may not have been possible where you are now. Our program will give you the freedom to set your own hours and manage the demands of your work. The E-HIS program will provide you with training, charting software, easy to use resources, and connection with other allied health providers; so you won't feel alone in your practice. Our vision is to provide a network of people who will fill in the gaps that the public health system is currently unable to provide. Together we can meet the needs of all Canadians. Be more committed to getting where you want to be, instead of remaining where you are. Together, with E-HIS, we can create, innovate and learn how to reach your dreams.