Eco Hub Africa

Born and raised in Uganda, I travelled for 3 years in Latin America where I studied at united World College Costa Rica "2014 - 2016", travelled and worked on various permaculture, education, tourism, and hostel projects while in Ecuador.

Now, am back in Uganda where I am building, where we offer safe spaces for women and youth creatives in our eco garden & school.

I am currently writing to raise money for our tree planting project (1,000,000 trees by 2020), and for getting the kindergaten pupils, youth and women creatives better education materials and start up capital for their businesses. 

I value culture and skill exchange and am therefore accomodating travellers and volunteers from all walks of life to share their stories and create an impact together with the local community of Kyondo, Kasese, Uganda where our project is being implemented.

To contribute to our causes of a sustainable future and better lives for humanity, please buy yourself a copy of this book. Even if you don't, please do share with your network to help us create an impact in our community and the world at large.