I. M. Maciel

The writer I.M. Maciel won at age 14 his first literary contest. Since then he studied Philosophy, Literature and was editor of his own literary magazine. After numerous trips to Latin America, Europe and Asia he specialized in adventure sports (climbing, diving instructor, etc.) to open your own travel agency with which he has guided expedition in mountains, rivers and seas around the continent. Wrote for various print media of Spain, Argentina, Chile and Mexico, published in 2008 his first book entitled "Fragments of the Lost", in 2010 the plays "The Alchemy of Arthur Rimbaud" and "The walls of Federico García Lorca" in 2011 the book "zen and the art of wine tasting" had the prologue of Ferran Adrià and had two editions, in 2013 came "Messiah Project" his first novel. Finally in 2014 he published "The Prophecy of Peter the Roman" and the poems "Journals of Will" by the re-edition of his plays under the title "The shambles of the Muses". Advocate Vegetarianism and profound critic of religion and the current monetary system is devoted recently to the development of scripts, while continuing with his backpack traveling the world in search of new adventures that inspire their next books.