I’ve been knitting since about 2008/9. Mum was over for a visit in 2006/7 and I wanted something to bring us together, so I asked her to teach me to knit. I made a scarf in some barfy acrylic, and that was it for a couple of years. I really got in to knitting in around 2008/9 when I decided to knit some hats to give as gifts and discovered Ravelry. That opened my eyes up to all the kinds of yarn available and all the amazing things that can be made from sticks and string.

And now I’ve taken the plunge into releasing some patterns! I’m touched by the reception my first one received, as well as the sales I’ve already had. I am most grateful. And it inspires me on to dream up some more…so keep your eyes peeled for some, colourful & funky designs.

Please note - my patterns are copyrighted, naturally. You may make personal copies, but please do not reproduce them to give to others. Please feel free to use my patterns and sell your knitted objects - if you do, I’d appreciate you giving me credit.