Emily Chetkowski Aho

Published since 1995, Emily Chetkowski Aho is the author of numerous childrens books. Most known for her Mabel series of books about her adventurous dog Mabel, set in Maine, her first book "Mabel Takes The Ferry" is considered a perrenial Maine classic and is still in print today. She is also known for "Pumpkin Smile", "Amasa Walker's Splendid Garment" but also "Just A Kid, A Guard At the Nuremberg Trials". "Just A Kid" is the true story of her father's experiences in WWII when after being drafted to the front lines near war's end, he ended up being Sargeant of the Guard in the court room during the first Nuremeberg War Crime trial, of Hitler's top officers. He stood guard over the witness stand where he then witnessed one of the most infamous trials in World history, at the young age of 19. These days her passion is saving the Newfoundland pony from extinction. She wrote "Charlie Gets The Paper" solely to raise funds for the ponies at the Newfoundland Pony Conservancy Center. Proceeds go directly to the ponies. Emily resides in New Hampshire.