We are the new era of social media management we focus on getting you brand deals instead of waiting for the emails to come to you. We email hundreds of unique companies each month to get you the exposure you deserve. The best part?! Unlike a normal management company that takes 20% we charge a monthly flat fee!

If you made $50,000 in a year a normal management company with take $10,000!! If you signed up with us for an entire year it would cost you $299! So if you like throwing thousands of dollars away were not for you. 

How did we start?

Empower was created by social media influencer Jack Dail who has made over $250,000 in ad deals from 2014-2018. Jack takes a unique approach to getting brand deals by going straight to the company and not waiting for emails like normal management. When Jack was under a management company he was making 2-3k a month. In 2017 Jack upped his earnings to $10k+ a month doing by using his own technique. 

How does it work?

Simple. We reach out to hundreds of unique companies every month asking if they would be interested in using any of our clients for promoting purposes. We then add you to our database and when a company is interested in talking to you we will contect you guys! We have a large database of indiviuals who we split up in groups depending on their niche. So if camera company reaches out to us we can pair them with indivuals who talk about cameras or do photography. This is very important to match niches so you actually land the brand deal! Think about it... Someone who has a youtube channel based on motorcycles isn't going to go a review on the kylie lip kit, right? Normal management companies throw you at any deal that comes your way which some times makes your content look goofy. Not only that but if your audience doesn't respond to the content well that company WILL NOT come back. The best part is we are non exclusive company meaning you can still do ad deals with whoever you want! 

How do I get started?

Glad you asked! You simply chose which plan you want, fill out the information when prompted and then sit back and wait.. really it's that easy. We still reach out to everyone and get to know them but you can leave everything up to us while we work to make you money! At anytime if you have questions you can always reach out to us! We hope you join our strong family of influencers and we can't wait to make you money!