English Simplified

Looking to learn on a daily basis? Look no further. To begin with here I am presenting a book which helps you learn a new word everyday, it has the meaning and a sentence using the same word enlisted below the words respectively. This helps with actually putting the words into use. Now the question is why should one invest in reading it? So, the answer to that is unlike a dictionary where you open or look into only to find the meaning of a particular word and is kept aside until you come across a word again that of which the meaning is unknown to you, this book out here will make sure you learn a word everyday. And as there are different levels to the book so one can individually choose what level they want to begin with pertaining to their own vocabulary.This helps with everyday learning and is not limited to a certain age group. And as always heard and told you are never too old to learn. If you're idea of learning matches with mine, why not buy one and see how it goes.