Eurospace - a non-profit organisation founded in 1961 - fosters the development of space activities in Europe and promotes a better understanding of space industry stakes and challenges. Its members are the main space industry manufacturers and launch service providers. Eurospace members encompass the whole span of the space industrial chain, are present in 13 European countries and represent more than 90% of the European space industry activity from both a turnover and employment point of view. Since 2004, Eurospace is the Space Group of ASD (AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe) where it represents and defines the space viewpoint of the association. This new aggregated structure allows industry to address transversal stakes and challenges between aeronautics, defence and space industrial activities. Since its creation, ESA has maintained formal links with Eurospace. The association provides an effective entry point for the industrial sector and is the preferred medium to discuss industry-wide topics. A frame contract between ESA and Eurospace was signed in 1987, which allows the association to perform advisory work for the Agency. In 2001 a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed that officially recognised Eurospace as the representative body of the European space industry. The MoU covered all aspects related to new programmes, competitiveness, research & technology, and administration. In 2012 the ESA Eurospace MoU was renewed.