Malika Tewari

Welcome to Encourage Seeds Audio Anthology, an unforgettable story about how Malika was Found In Favor through some of life's most difficult challenges! Malika Tewari is an author, certified health coach, caregiver, and mother who encouraged many through speaking engagements, events, and collaborations. Her events are made to inspire entrepreneurs and educate the community. She is dynamic and real, and addresses topics that are not typically discussed. Malika has spread awareness on Cancers, partnered with Florida Hospital Hospital Foundation, and continues to Speak at Women Empowerment engagements. She hosts her elite client events, as well as her own. Her writings empower and comfort caregivers, those newly diagnosed with medical issues, and those who have suffered a loss. Malika has her degree in Business Administration, and has also studied Business Marketing at the University of Central Florida. Her work with business owners, is uniquely designed through her empowerment sessions, and lays out action plans for clients to attain their business goals. From the loss of loved ones, to overall health and well being, she motivates with experiences of survival. Her past blog writings created a following of over 8,500 readers, and major talks on social media. Malika encourages through the loss of loved ones as well, and now shares her story so that others may be encouraged through their life experiences. Her book, entitled You Have No Idea, is available now through her website. Within her special message to you, find balance, laugh, love, and create in order to move forward. Witness how her act of faith, caused the power of God, and the power of favor. Spark your creativity, and be encouraged to find a good balance of health, love, and life, even throughout difficult circumstances.