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Award winning journalist with 20K+ social media following & making thousands off of TV, radio, and social media and helping others do the same

Kami, Columbia University master's graduate, and former Obama White House former First Lady Michelle Obama policy team intern. Kami Simmons is an award-winning social media marketing strategist, influencer, PR/media mogul, TV/ radio host, and producer. Working with brands like Yahoo news, BET, ViaicomCBS, First Class TV on Roku, FOX, NBC, TMZ, FOX Soul, 21 Ninety, xoNecole, iHeart Media, and Hits 92.3. She’s conducted interviews with celebrities, including Bia, Kevin Hart, The Bam, Ariana Fletcher, Melody Shari, Shanice, and Amber Riley, to name a few. She has helped Yahoo news hit billions of page clicks. In addition, she has fostered a community of over 20K+ social media followers and has made thousands of dollars with her social digital and multi-media strategy. Helping to get seen on major news and media outlets and creating social media strategies proven to monetize. Kami is an overall media boss that will help you grow your money, social media, impact, and overall business in your perspective industry.

Additionally, she is a member of the National Association of Black Journalists and the National Association for Multi-ethnicity in Communications (NAMIC).