Leemon Staples

My name is Lee Staples, i’m a cool, fun-loving, giant who loves to have fun, read comics, mangas and watch all kinds of animes as well as other indie books. My love for reading and writing led me to write my own book/comic which I had a blast writing. I’am from Inglewood California the city of Champions which the city which Dark Wood city is based off. Im 27 years old and hope to be a great writer someday, so I hope you enjoyed the book because the next book coming is Bushido: Legacy of Lysander coming later on this year. Gaming, Comic, Manga, Movies, Tv Shows, Anime and New Tech http://businessmastermind.wix.com/lrms YouTube Channel Lee’s Omniverse where we discuss comics, anime, tv shows, video games and movies. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTZKtIyRpR7Rf7Nrskzsp7Q