Fwah Storm

Fwah Storm is an award winning renaissance man. His career has included being a published Author & Poet, A Comic Book Writer & Artists, Musician, Director, Voice Actor & More! Fwah resides in Bournemouth (South Of England) and has been nominated for many awards surrounding his work, as well as winning The Dark Zone Audience Choice award. Fwah grew up as a young carer to two mentally handicapped siblings, and went through a lot of trials and tribulations in his younger life. During this time Fwah was drawn to creating through many artistic mediums including writing and drawing. At present, many of Fwah's peers have described him as a 'prolific', but Fwah describes himself as simply unique. Fwah has spent much time fundraising for many charities, and enjoys reading (especially comic books), movies, magic and so much more.