Gaurav Oberoi

Since childhood I have been fascinated by two very different yet very interesting subjects. One of them is the realm of the paranormal and the other one is the powers of our subconscious mind and personal development. As I find both these topics captivating, I have been researching them both for more than 15 years now. I own an organization that provides soft skills enhancement programs to management and technology professionals. Before setting up my own business I was heading a team of professionals for a three state territory for a corporate. While still in my job I applied the principles of the workings of human mind in my own life as well as trained my team for the same and saw that such an application had profound effects on productivity, efficiency, stress management, enthusiasm, pain management, attitude management, relaxation, sleep management and many other things. For years in a row I have experienced the most mentally and physically agonizing events in my life. Take my word for it, the big idea is that don’t be afraid to hit the rock bottom because the only way you can go from there is upwards. When I contracted CBP at an age of 25 doctors were shocked to see such a young patient with a dreaded disease we know as chronic bacterial prostatitis. The intense pain day in and day out for seven long years made me feel like it’s better to have no life rather than living a life of perpetual and never ending pain. I did not know at that time that things were about to get worse. The long gruelling routine of antibiotics took their toll and I started having shooting pains in my bowels. It turned out that I had a case of Ulcerative Colitis induced by antibiotics. I suddenly lost 22 pounds of weight in three weeks. As I found my life in shambles I decided to take a stand. I became intensely passionate about being healthy again. It was all I could think of. Finally, long hours of research everyday helped me to find three curative compounds in alternative medicine. The next step was to discuss the same with a certified practitioner. I started the medication and in addition to that I went into long sessions of guided meditation to help me experience a profound and lasting effect of the medicine. After this all I could do is keep a lot of patience and a will of iron. It finally paid off. After years of fighting with the dreaded diseases I was able to beat them. Whatever I learnt in those years of great distress, agony and disappointment helped me shape my life and define who I am. My highest academic qualification is M.B.A (Masters in Business Administration).