Gavin Mills

Street photography and people have always been the areas that interested me the most and I guess that’s why I have become known for making street portraits. Sometimes I prefer to shoot people from afar without them knowing but what I enjoy best is getting close to my subjects winning them over and trying to capture something of their character or essence. I shoot with a Leica M9 usually with a 35mm F1.4 which means I have to get in close and personal . Over the past few years I’ve been working on a project of portraits of homeless people in London which I titled Invisible people . “Invisible People” is about the homeless people who live and sleep on our city streets. These are people we might pass everyday with indifference. It is titled “Invisible People” perhaps because we choose not to see them or maybe because that’s how they feel. I hope that the photos show each of the people as not just another anonymous rough sleeper or a statistic but individuals with their own personal stories and set of circumstances.