Gem Stower

I spent almost 2 decades in a fast paced industry in the city, frequently working 70 hours a week, constantly on call, checking emails first thing in the morning, before my eyes were even open. I found myself cancelling on friends, events, my beloved gym sessions and treating yoga just as a stretch class and somewhere to read spreadsheets in peace (I know, I know - the teacher called me out on it). Whilst I was loving this busy lifestyle, and the income that came with it, I wasn't living a life that I valued. Nor was I taking time to rest, or work on my "off switch" 

What I loved, during my time in my various operations and director roles, was nurturing my large executive teams, guiding them to articulate their goals, and holding them accountable to deliver their full potential. Executive coaching comes very naturally to me, people are drawn to my energy and enthusiasm, as well as my ability to create a safe space to discuss ideas and personal goals. Fueled by the overwhelming desire to help people grow, and live joyful lifes, I now specialise in personal coaching. In particular , helping busy professionals, and athletes to learn the importance of switching off and creating balanced lifes, whilst still delivering outstanding results. Leaning on decades of experience, I guide and cheerlead you, through tricky or low energy times. Helping you to articulate your heart felt goals, and achieve them, in a way that is aligned with the lifestyle you currently have, and want. I am not here to tell you how I think you should live, neither am I here to judge you. We work together to unravel those missing pieces and the blindspots, allowing you to reach your truest higher self. Coaching can be as simple as 1 stand alone call or meeting, or a longer term solution. There is no one size fits all. Coaching is not a luxury. Your body is not a burden, and your life is not a chore.

Inner glow, is a stand alone book, for those looking to introduce peaceful growth and respite in the modern world, connecting to your higher self.