Chutisa Bowman

I was born in Thailand in 1956, and grew up in Melbourne Australia. My unconventional background has helped formulate my unique view point and a different way of seeing the world.  

By day, I am a business adviser, speaker, a professional blogger, and author. I also design products, travel the world at least 3 times a year, speak at international events, curate an antique and vintage jewelry range, create photos for Instagram, and am very active in social media. By night, I read books, I knit, I crochet, do sharetrading on international markets and I spend time learning new skills.

After working as a successful fashion model when I was younger, and a senior retail buyer for a leading Australian corporation for over 20 years, I became aware of the need for a go-to destination for those of us women who choose to constantly reinvent ourselves and seize with joy and gusto the mantra "What else is possible?'