I worked in the Engineering field for many years and completed many forms and checklists, mostly because of the fact that I was instructed to.
I did not at times, understand what I was completeing and what the consequences are for me completing the forms and checklists. For me it was a paper excercise and did it "for the sake of completing it".
This manual was born out of these frustrations.
Those who trained me could not provide me with simple answers, all the answers was given or written in such a way that even University students had a problem with. I tried, through my own experience, write it in ordinary language to enable the reader to grasp and understand what we are trying to teach them.
I had the destinction that a highly educated person in this line of work, approached me, after a training session, to inform me that for the first time, he got a better understanding of what it is all about.
I am convinced it is going to do the same for you.
Invest and learn, do not see this as an expense.