Predominance Novels

H. I. Defaz was born at Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York in 1979. After his parents’ divorce in 1982, he and his older brother, Sidney, were raised by his father, Economist Hector Sidney Defaz, in South America. H. I. spent most of his childhood in Ecuador, where he learn to play the guitar at the age of 12, earned a black belt in martial arts at the age of 15, and received a degree in physics and mathematics at the age of 17. Compelled by his knowledge in arts, combat, and science, he began to write science-fiction stories at the age of 18. H. I. returned to the states in 1998. Driven by his passion to perform, H. I. became an actor and graduated at John Robert Powers’ acting school. He appeared in several theatre and feature films, including: Skin and Bones, which was awarded “4th Place Finisher” at SkyFest Film and Script Festival in Asheville, NC. Disheartened by the death of his father in 2006, H. I. began to add dramatic, somber tones to his writing—taking his readers into a new level of enthrallment. Notwithstanding his emotional state, H. I. returned to school and finished his college degree in CompSci, and began his pursuit for his second degree in English Literature at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. H. I. married actress and model Yelena Tarayan shortly after they met at the set of My Best Friend’s Girl, where they were both working as actors. By 2011, H. I. was living a serene life in the uneventful city of Revere, Massachusetts, until one night he was awakened by a startling nightmare. He dreamt that his humanity was being challenged by a powerful force that sought predominance within his mind. Compelled by the images he had seen in his head, he run to his ten-year-old computer and began to write a story… One, never told before. By 2012, H. I. had finished the first novel of his trilogy PREDOMINANCE, a growing phenomenon that is now-beginning to take the world by storm. After the release of PREDOMINANCE, H. I. announced that PREDOMINANCE: SHADOW OF VENGEANCE will be schedule for release on July, 2015, along with REDEMPTION, and PREDOMINANCE: THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE on 2016.