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Who am I?


My name is Helen Rygh-Pedersen and I am a fantasy author of the romance and epic varieties.

Like the mythological harpies of old, I hope to whisk you away to a fantastical world, leaving reality behind for a while.

Come along for the ride and lose yourself in the fairytale world of Zemkoska where standalone romances weave together to create a rich and spellbinding world, or if you would prefer something more gritty then Riverda is the place for you, full of high stakes and drama.

Which ever way you let the harpy take you, you are sure to be transported to a new world!

If you would like to know more about my work you can check out the book descriptions in the shop and of course if you have any questions then don't hesitate to CONTACT me. 

HRP Publishing

HRP Publishing is the company I formed to publish my books. 

When I was looking for a name, the obvious choice was to use my initials, so that it could cover a wide range of genres, and perhaps in the future pen names. 

The more I said HRP Publishing or saw it written down, my mind kept converting it to 'harpy publishing' and that was how the logo idea was born. I was even more pleased when I read the history of the mythical creatures on the website. It states that the early harpies were in no way disgusting and that were wind spirits that carried people away, as they did in the Odyssey. That struck a chord with me as I do hope my writing can carry you away to another world even for just a short time. 

The logo was designed by Franziska Stern of Cover Dungeon Rabbit.

Also, did you know a group of harpies is called a clamor? Well if you want to be kept up to date and join my clamour, then sign up to my newsletter below!