Healing at The Speed of Thought

Stress is the genesis of all disease. If stress is left in the body, it festers and comes out as something else; nothing good.As adults, we’ve had years and years of stress from all sorts of things. Stress results from many things. And allowing it to be a part of you, it imposes itself in the form of physical, emotional, mental, psychic/empathic, and other issues.  We all have “stuff” that bothers us or works against us.  The person who cuts you off on the road, or cut in front of you in third grade; the single person who seems to really get you upset; political discussions, having high blood pressure, the chronic illnesses and pain we try to live with, the problems we create in our own mind:the cop who gave you a ticket, struggling to figure out how to pay the ticket, any financial problems (can't pay the rent - being upset because you can't afford a new Tesla), the addiction you have, all your fears and phobias, bothered by procrastination, having PTSD. Right now, think of the person who bothers you the most. Now think of another thing that bothers you. If you go deep, the list seems endless. But you're getting the idea of all this. THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE. LEARN TO HEAL AT THE SPEED OF THOUGHT,