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Who is Phillip?

Phillip Carter is a comedian, Sci-Fi author, actor, and some other things. When he isn't writing increasingly mindbending novels and jokes, he is often found playing Minecraft and performing improv comedy. Phillip is the founder and CEO of Halfplanet Press.

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In the cold and isolated forest, a mycelial network waits for its next meal. But when a new alien being, an 'Upright' collapses into the hyphae, the network consumes more than it bargained for. Its mind poisoned with Upright thoughts, the One becomes Two, splintering into a new, ambitious personality.

The fungus has discovered the concept of individuality, and this will have disastrous consequences.

You will get a KCB (718B) file
Signed WHO BUILT THE HUMANS + Custom illustration
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Get a signed copy of my (sometimes) bestselling Sci-Fi Comedy collection WHO BUILT THE HUMANS?

I will include a custom drawing inside the book, which you can specify in a message. I am good at drawing skulls, daleks, and aliens.

The Halfplanet Mission

Phillip Carter set up Halfplanet Press in 2015. It is his answer to what he sees as flaws in the modern bookstore. Primarily, that hardbacks are printed by the big names for the wrong reasons, that literature feels less accessible than it used to, and that PLAY, a crucial element in Phillip's art, is missing from the modern bookstore.

Halfplanet Press is remedying that. Here's how.

  1. Hardbacks must exist for a reason. A hardback is to a paperback what a limited edition heavyweight vinyl is to a CD of your favourite album.
  2. Continuing the musical analogy, stories can have B-Sides. The paid versions of fan-favourite stories will come with extra content.
  3. Writers and readers rely on each other. Halfplanet will bring the two closer together with a Discord server celebrating writing and weirdness, that is open for all.