Harry Petsanis

Harry Petsanis is an Author-Writer, Consultant, Wellness Advisor, and Founder of Mindsets Online. Having developed a passion for fitness at an early age, Harry has spent a lifetime coaching and consulting clients in Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness. Harry also has an intense passion for psychology and the human condition. 
His commitment to health and fitness combined with his love of psychology inspired Harry to create a strategic and systematic program that addresses overall wellness from both a mind and body perspective.
As a journalism major, Harry developed the ability to convey his unique perspective of the world in a powerful, direct and thought-provoking way that not only captures the attention of his readers but also builds a foundation for life-changing personal transformation.

That perspective and his message have rapidly resonated worldwide via Harry Petsanis followers on Twitter (@rockybalboahp), and Face Book (http://facebook.com/rockybalboahp)  which have organically grown to more than 90,000.