Helpful Ebooks for daily lives

I am Rey Adane from Lapu Lapu City, Cebu Philippines. I was born in Cagayan de oro City. Graduated as a working student with a course of BSAccountancy. Most students said that College life is enjoyable and full of joy. But for me, it is not that easy... Hmm... quite enjoyable but i truly feels the true meaning of survival, survival for my daily needs, and survival for my studies to finish college. 

I am not an outgoing type of person, i seldom go with closed friends and prefer to stay at home and do some extra task either to earn for a living or for family bonding as well. I also have a VHF radio transciever where i could meet and talk with new friends on air, and extend friendship even on neaby islands without going out from my residence... Exchanging updates expecially during the pandemic of Covid19 where in most most of our income generating jobs/sources were intensely affected.