HiitIt with Jay

Hello how have you been? I Hope you're keeping your fitness up and still staying active! If you're looking for a fitness program I've created different 4 week fitness plans for you to download, just click below!

Over the past 6 years of working abroad at all the fitness retreats, performance centres and gyms, I've created the 4 training plans and with all the knowledge and experience I have attained at these facilities, so you know they will be of top standard and quality and give you the results you're looking for! These programs aren't easy and are designed to give you the optimal results if you put in the work!

•The bodyweight program will help you shred a lot of fat off the body and focuses on high heartrate workouts!

•The Dumbells and kettlbell plans focus on helping you build muscle mass and burn fat off the body with metabolic conditioning.

So if you're really looking to get back into shape and start your fitness plan, choose your plan below and download it straight to your phone!

If you need anything just email me hiititwithjay@gmail.com